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Friday, 24 February 2012 15:05

Joint Inflammation

Terrain Protocol - BY

Healing and Regeneration - DB (7 days)

David Halliday Experimental Presets DH1 through DH6 (12 hours)

Zinc Sulphate MW

Spine Problem A+432 XTRA

Joint Inflammation XTRA

Mickies Majic Three XTRA

Immune System Stabilisation XTRA

Turpentine MW

Autoimmune Disorders CAFL

Song of the spine


These are the programs I run in a Remote Healing JW preset 24/7 on one XM. You can also run them in Spooky Cold Laser (L) preset.

Joint Inflammation (CAFL)

Joint Inflammation (XTRA)

Inflammation 1 (XTRA)

Inflammation 2 (XTRA)

Inflammation Bone (XTRA)

Inflammation General (CAFL)

Inflammation (KHZ)

Joint Inflammation (CAFL)

Joint Inflammation (XTRA)

Abdominal Inflammation (CAFL)

Consider osteoarthritis and arthritis programs in healing preset.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 15:04

Killing Mold w/ Remote

How can I do get rid of black mold in my bathroom? Are there people who have had success are doing it for rooms?

I would have liked to be able to pay to have mold removed but being retired and living on social security, that simply was not an option. And since not taking baths is also not an option, grin - one of the first things I did when I got my first XM generators was to scrape mold off the tub and put it in a remote. Within 3 days the mold was gone and has not returned, that's been over a year ago now! Granted, the safest way to handle mold is to let the pro's do it, but that's not always possible.

Sunday, 24 February 2013 15:02


I ran CAFL frequencies for Abdominal inflammation, Inflammation General and Intestines Inflammation using H-bomb square waves and the boost cable.

Please try Liver & Kidney sets, along with Detox on a different M/c.

Hemorrhoids (CAFL)

Hemorrhoids 1 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids 2 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids 3 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids 4 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids Piles (XTRA)

\Shell (Empty) Presets\Remote\Healing (R) - JW

You could try also:

Circulatory stasis CAFL

Circulation Stimulate Normalized XTRA (this is Bruce Stenulson's)

Varicose veins ETDFL

Varicoses 1 CAFL

Varicoses 2 CAFL

A friend of mine reported improvement when using these freqs:


The recommended setting for tens pad placement is one pole to two tenspads located at the very beginning of the legs (near the problem area), and the other pole to a tens pad located over the belly (a little below it).


Also consider sets for circulation and varicose veins as that is what a hemorrhoid is.

Fruit acids in the diet could aggrivate the Hemis, if there is pain/inflammation. Colloidal silver cream is very useful to maintain low inflammation.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 15:02

Nerve Healing

Nerve Healing, Nerve Healing 2, Stimulate Repair Nerve Damage for my friend with nervous system damage. Just use \Shell (Empty) Presets\Remote\Healing (R) - JW preset.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 15:00

Morgellon Zapping

If I were you, I’d use the Clark zapper frequencies in these three ways:

1) Remote mode Clark 2.5KHz Zapper Remote program, run within the Kill or Heal ( R ) - DH preset.

2) PEMF Coil (applied to your head): Clark 30KHz Zapper Contact program, run within the Spooky Coil (XM Direct) – JW preset, butwith Out 1 Offset set to 100 and Out 2 Offset set to **-**100.

Make sure the BN side of PEMF Coil faces you.

3) TENS pads (on the top and bottom of your spine): Clark 30KHz Zapper Contact program, run within the Healing ( C ) - JW preset, but with Out 1 Offset set to 100 and Out 2 Offset set to **-**100.

Note that the Clark Zapper frequencies are 7 mins on, 20 mins off, run three times.

Saturday, 24 February 2018 15:00

Improve Eyesight

There is a preset under Heal \ Remote called "Eyesight To Improve (R) - JK"

It includes the following programs:

Eyesight to Improve (XTRA)

Vision Acuity (CAFL)

Floaters (KHZ)

Retinal Detachment (KHZ)

I would also add in the following:

Regeneration and Healing 1

Regeneration and Healing

Regeneration and Healing

Tissue Healing and Regeneration

I would also investigate supplemental nutrients for the eye.


(Recipe 2)

I have run "Eyesight To Improve (R) - JK" (Heal\Remote Preset) and found it helpful, but being a tinkering guy I supplemented that preset with some more programs. Within a short time I felt benefit of my custom set having a clearer, sharper vision and my eyes do not tire as easily as before by watching the tiny display on my mobile phone.

Details of my custom set:

XM generator with Spooky Booster + v1.1 Remote

Eye help (Cust)

Healing Shell (R) – JW


Refractive Errors (ETDF)

Astigmatism (ETDF)

Diplopia (ETDF)

Vision Acuity (CAFL)

Vision Disorders (ETDF)

Vision Poor (CAFL)

Hyperopia (ETDF)

Cataract (ETDF)

Optic Nerve Diseases (KHZ)

Macular Degeneration Visual Acuity (XTRA)

Eye Floaters (XTRA)

Floaters (ETDF)

Total Run Time: 6:00 (runs continuously). It has been running now 138 hours.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021 14:56

Carrier Frequency How-To

Using a carrier frequency allows for the frequency to penetrate further into your body, however with some risk.  For this kind of 100% offset waveform, you must not do a contact treatment for for than 7 minutes. Then take a break for at least 21 minutes, before doing another contact treatment. If you don't take these breaks, you may burn yourself. 

Saturday, 24 February 2018 14:53

Pure AM SSB Modulation

The latest version of Spooky has a new method of modulation. This post will explain why this is an important new feature.

Many people don’t realize that there are at least two ways that frequencies can be sent.

  1. Vertical waves. Ripples on water are an example of this type of wave.

  2. Horizontal waves. Sound waves are horizontal. These waves behave very differently from vertical waves. The waves compress and expand as they travel, and can be very fast. Sound does not travel fast because air compresses easily.

Let us do a thought experiment. Imagine a metal rod thousands of kilometers long. This rod is very strong, and the metal is hard. It does not compress easily. If one end of the rod is pushed, the other end will also immediately move. There is no delay between pushing one end and the other end moving. The movement is therefore transferred from one end of the rod to the other faster than the speed of light.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 14:47

Spooky2: Rife for Pets

What is rife frequency therapy?

Rife therapy is applying frequencies to the body through a frequency generator. The Spooky2 Rife System is the most advanced, most versatile and most affordable in the world.

Monday, 24 February 2014 14:46

Spooky2: Things to Remember

Things to remember when using

  1. Do not use Spooky Remote MN for too long.

  2. Do not mix DNA samples together in Spooky Remote without isolation.

  3. Do not use 100% offset for contact mode.

  4. Do not put TENS pads above the neck and keep them away from the heart.

  5. Do not use contact mode if you have pacemaker or electrode implants.

  6. Do not use more than one contact accessory on your body at a time.

  7. Do not use a PEMF coil if you have a pacemaker other electronic implants.

  8. Never shine the light of cold lasers directly into your eyes.

  9. Do not use cold lasers over any cancerous spots or your thyroid.

  10. Only use an approved 5v power supply for your Spooky2-XM generator.

  11. Do not press the buttons on a running generator.

  12. Do not run the same program on different generators at the same time. Stagger the programs by at least 5 minutes

  13. Only use plasma presets for Spooky Central.

  14. Never disconnect any plugs while Spooky Central is powered on - always switch SpookyCentral off first, then disconnect.

  15. Make sure you run a detox program when you run a killing program. Otherwise, a Herxheimer reaction - nausea, joint/lower back pain, etc -may ensue. If so, runHerxheimer - DB in the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol.

  16. Keep Spooky Equipment out of the reach of children.

Check polarity first?

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