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Video Review: Biofeedback and Spooky2 Generator X

Note that this video demonstrates the 20180601 version of the software.

What is Biofeedback?
It uses computerized biofeedback to measure subtle reactive patterns during the assessment and “feeds back” information to aid and entrain the body to regulate itself. It works by reducing the stresses on a body at the electro-magnetic level caused by toxins, food, environment, genetics and lifestyle. You use the computer send frequencies (signals) to the body to open up the energy flow, while stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms, and returning the body to homeostasis- natural state of equilibrium. Establishing an energy balance eliminates the primary causes for the emergence of diseases and releases very therapeutic effects. The entire process is safe, gentle, and non-invasive.

First, what I am about to discuss is not medical advice. I am not saying that any of this can cure, treat, or heal you from disease. I am not a doctor. I am not a medical professional, the following information is provided for “entertainment purposes.”

I was introduced to Spooky2 and the world of “rifing” after I was diagnosed with Lyme disease 12 months ago, which spurred me into doing lots of research on Lyme, eating healthy, and natural healing. I learned from as many experts that I could find, spending hours watching lectures and seminars online, reading through tons of articles… a recurring key word that kept coming up was this “Spooky” Rife system, which has built-in protocols for detoxing and treating Lyme disease. And it has a database containing thousands of programs that supposedly target all sorts of cancers and other ailments.

Then, I started seeing a local naturopathic doctor that has a great reputation. I spoke with people I know in town who claim he had successfully treated their Lyme disease and they all claimed he was 'the guy' to go see. It turned out that he’s also using bioenergetic testing. So I was able to accelerate my learning by asking him questions about his practice.

I was going to put this video together back in December of 2017 when I bought my first Spooky2 Generator. But I didn’t want to put the video together right away without trying it for a while. Then, they released this new Generator X, which reduced the amount of time to perform a biofeedback scan from over 1 hour down to under 10 minutes. So I bought the new model and have been testing this one as well.

The basic premise here is that EVERYTHING in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency.
Your body’s organs and tissues operate at their own unique frequencies, and all of your organs' frequencies are within a certain range. When your body takes on viruses, pathogens, bacteria, and other nondesirables, these outside organisms operate at a higher frequency than your body’s cells. The biofeedback scan scans for a large range of frequencies and it records whenever your body has a response. It also has the ability to fine-tune its scan, meaning you can re-run a “Grade Scan or Refine Scan” and determine more precise frequencies than the intervals used in the initial scan. The software measures the current and phase angle to determine how much your body is responding. For those who are familiar with muscle testing, or dowsing, it’s similar. You’re just using the computer to actually take your measurements.

Then it compiles a list of the highest “spikes” that your body indicated, using current and phase angle measurements. The logic is that when your body is responding to a frequency, that frequency is potentially killing off a bug inside your body. It causes stress and your body’s muscles contract, your skin tension changes, your heart rate increases.

Imagine the keys on a piano.
piano keys

The frequency scan is equivalent to swiping the keys from left to right, while the computer monitors to see which exact notes (keys) make your toes start to curl.

They claim it is not a diagnostic machine, but it has a “reverse lookup” feature that will compare the “spikes” in your scan results with the frequencies in the built in database, and it will give you any matches. So you might see results that contain various illnesses, pathogens, diseases. The reason they say this is not a diagnostic machine is that you generally get a different set of “spikes” each time you run a test. Each time the test is running, it is also killing anything that it hits with the scan. So the second test won’t necessarily find the same bugs as the first one. But, if you run ten tests on ten different days and they all contain the same result, I’d say that’s worth doing further testing on. Don’t forget that viruses and pathogens can mutate. A lot of the time, you might be better off not knowing, which is why some people don’t bother with the reverse lookup

You can take those “killing” frequencies and either imprint them into a homeopathic remedy, or apply them directly to your body using a variety of accessories that plug into the Spooky2 generator. Hand grips, muscle pads, an electromagnetic coil, remote, cold laser, PEMF, and plasma modes.

I’ve got another analogy for you to help visualize what we’re doing, here. The concept of Naturpathic medicine is “like kills like.” If you look this up, there are people who eat a leaf of poison ivy every year so that their body becomes immune to it.

There are also thousands of preset programs built into Spooky2 software. I’ve personally run the following programs on myself, with positive results:

Terrain Protocol (detox)
Meridians (these are the energy channels that are used in Acupuncture - Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, etc)
Large Intestine Balance
Alignment (of the body)
Songs of Spine 432hz
Adrenal Balance
Hypothalamus Balance

Cost-wise, the story is the same with this type of biofeedback equipment as with computers and technology in general - the price has come down significantly over the last 20+ years. These kits were $20 and $30 thousand dollars back in the 90’s. Now in 2018, you can put together a kit for under $1000.

The Spooky2 software is free. You can download it and run it in test mode on your own computer right now. It’s not “open source” software but it’s somewhat close: they don’t charge for the Spooky2 software, the developer (John White) has been updating it for over 4 years now because (I’m guessing) he makes a few bucks off of each generator sold. He’s got a good track record, so far. And if you compare prices on the generators themselves (even comparing with regular Rife machines), you’ll find that they are very competitive.

There are thousands of reviews and testimonials online with people saying that they’ve successfully treated this and that, I’ll let you do that research on your own.

Current Spooky2 Social Stats:
Forum: 13k members
Facebook: over 6k members
YouTube: over 15k subscribers

Further Reading:
Mayo Clinic



Frequently Asked Questions

If I am understanding the process, the machine notices frequencies that are improperly aligned. And then you run those same frequencies back through your body via the Tens Pads or one of the other supplemental attachments.

I believe this is one of those things where we're not sure yet "how" it works, but people are repeatedly saying "that" it works.  Whether the frequencies are for "healing" or for "killing" - with a biofeedback test - it doesn't really matter. Your body is simply responding to the particular frequency and the Spooky software measures and counts that like a "vote." Then when it's done the frequencies with the "strongest votes" (biggest responses from your body) are the frequencies that it gives you at the end of the test.  The "reverse lookup" tool can give you some guesses at what those frequencies are associated with, but as you know it's not supposed to be considered a diagnostic tool.

For some reason I only have 2 generators while everyone else has 99, I must’ve screwed up somewhere.

If you see 99 generators that means your Spooky software is running in TEST mode.
If yours is showing 2 generators, that tells me you either have one spooky2 GenX or two Spooky2 XM's... so it's probably correct.

I understand that a biofeedback scan will indicate where your frequencies are out of kilter and the machine tells you which of your frequencies are not harmonious......(please correct me if that is wrong).  The next step is........how does the machine corrects all the disharmony?  Can you break down what that process involves? I'm assuming you have to run another program to make your frequencies harmonious.  Is this how it works? I run a biofeedback scan, determine what's messed up and then run another scan that adjusts what is messed up.  Wash, rinse and repeat the next time you use the thing.....since the body always tries to go back to its baseline.

There are different ways of running frequencies:

a. detox / healing / entrainment frequencies
b. killing frequencies
c. biofeedback / custom programs (see links below)

If you were me (and I'm an educated woman) would you just take the plunge, buy the thing and hope you can figure out how to use it?

Isn't this the only way? :-)

Someone mentioned that he slept with the Spooky 2 running on him all night.  What would make that possible?

If he ran it all night, he either had the wires + TENS pads connected to him (difficult if you toss and turn)... or, he was using one of the Spooky Plasma or Spooky Central setups... the high-power bulbs that emit the frequencies are supposedly the 'best' way to do it, particularly for more aggressive treatment, but I don't have the money for that sort of equipment.


What is your opinion about the statement that I should get four generators?

Yes, I've heard of those suggestions for running 4 generators at once...

I believe this was back when the XM generator ($115/ea) was the only choice.

Nowadays I'd suggest at least getting one Generator X, which actually runs 2 generators. So you'd only need 1 GenX and 2 XM's if you wanted the "best/cheapest" route to running 4... the biofeedback capabilities of the GenX, which you haven't mentioned but I'm assuming you'd want to start using in addition to those programs that run 4 generators at once. So perhaps one GenX and 4 separate XM's will be what you ultimately decide to use. That way you have 4 running dedicated programs and the GenX is available for biofeedback / custom treatment sessions.

If I buy a Gen X, can I assume there is a manual that breaks all this stuff down so the average layman can comprehend what the machine is doing?  (You mentioned that you had to do some studying and get help from a naturopath-----so I am assuming there will be a lot to comprehend / study). 

In general there is a "Manual" for Spooky but you'll probably find better information elsewhere on the internet, mainly the Spooky2 forum:

There is supposed to be a good Spooky2 Facebook group but I don't use facebook...

But there is a lot of "tribal knowledge" involved here, the people who are really into this stuff tend to share it with other people who are curious rather than try to write articles and such.

I've heard that "if you are using pharmaceutical medications Spooky2 is NOT for you." What is your opinion about that statement?

I've never heard anyone say one way or the other on whether it's okay to use Spooky + pharmaceuticals. I'd post a thread on the Spooky2 forum and ask... there are some REALLY smart people on there. You might even try doing a search, first. Someone may have already asked.  As a side note, if you search in the Spooky2 database, there are frequencies in there for various pharmaceuticals.  


I already own a "cold laser" and a colloidal silver generator.......which I use quite frequently.  I have a lot of medical devices.  The ones I use the most are the Tesla Violet Ray, (which burns off moles and skin problems), and the MedLight Pro, which is an intense LED light transmitter that's quite good for muscle pain.  My laser is very good for carpal tunnel syndrome flare ups.  It gets rid of that problem until you re-exacerbate the tendons.  It seems like a waste of money for me to pay for those extras that come with the generator.  

Is it possible to transmit the frequencies with nothing more than the generator?

You need at least the TENS pads or the hand cylinders to transmit with the spooky. Other accessories are optional.

I wanted to ask you how you are doing with your Spooky rife machine and your lyme journey now that it has been some time. I came across your Spooky video from 2018 and wanted to thank you for the information. My 12 year old son was diagnosed with Lyme along with other things about a year ago. Although he has had the symptoms since he was 6, we finally found a doctor that would listen to us and tested him. We have been treating with antibiotics and suppliments ever since, seeing slow results. Now I am interested in getting a rife machine after hearing so many positive results, but I wanted to hear from someone with lyme and experience with the machine. I appreciate any feedback you have. I hope you are doing well and have found remission.

I haven't used the Spooky on myself for some time now, I've been feeling really good the last year or two after all of my diet, stem cell, herb kit, Spooky, supplements, and other treatments... plus I'm a father now, perhaps that gives an extra boost?  I have used the Spooky on my wife and newborn daughter, however, sort of whenever it 'feels right.'  For example my daughter was born with an umbilical hernia and I found a program in Spooky exactly for that.  So I ran it for a few days using Spooky Remote with her fingernail and the hernia cleared up.  And maybe a month ago my daugher developed a "boil" on her lower back near the kidney area.  So I ran some kidney frequencies also using the remote, for maybe 2 days, the boil cleared up.  Hope something here is helpful.  I think you're on the right track with this.  Our bodies are nothing but frequencies and energy.  I've read something recently that it doesn't really matter what exact frequency you run, anything above a certain point is "helpful" to the body and the article suggested that simply zapping yourself with the low voltage / high frequency is all that it really requires.  So if you use the Spooky system and look up specific programs, that's adding your 
"intention" on top of the frequency, if you see where I'm going.

Should I buy this Spooky2 XM generator from eBay for $175?

No - it's overpriced. They're normally $115 directly from Spooky for that particular model.


My (son/daughter/relative) has been diagnosed with __________ X# years ago and I have been looking for alternative to the hard medication. So aside from diet, supplements, I am trying to figure out how to help her with Spooky2. Any ideas?


Reiki / energy healing?
Acupuncture, etc...
Trapped Emotions

Have another question?  Just ask!


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