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Spooky2: Rife for Pets

What is rife frequency therapy?

Rife therapy is applying frequencies to the body through a frequency generator. The Spooky2 Rife System is the most advanced, most versatile and most affordable in the world.

How Spooky2 works and its benefits:

Everything on earth including every cell in our body has its own frequency number. For example: The earth’s frequency is highly healing. This is why walking barefoot on the grass or sand is considered healthy. A singer’s high pitch frequency can cause a crystal glass to shatter. Ultra-sound waves are used to break up kidney stones.

It works by resonating specific frequencies to the body to each disease-causing microorganism, bacteria, virus, parasite, fungi or pathogen at an intensity that causes its cells to nullify and die. It takes only a few volts to electrocute almost any pathogen, instantly.

It also stimulates the body’s cells, tissue and blood to detox by removing dead matter and toxins as well as to entrain the body’s organs back to its normal state. Spooky2 has over 36,000 frequency programs in its database.

Why hasn’t my vet told me about this?

In many countries, Rife therapy is not approved by the FDA to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. It can only be considered for experimental purposes only. The FDA states only a veterinarian or medical doctor is qualified to do such and they are not allowed to promote rife therapy.

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