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Pure AM SSB Modulation

The latest version of Spooky has a new method of modulation. This post will explain why this is an important new feature.

Many people don’t realize that there are at least two ways that frequencies can be sent.

  1. Vertical waves. Ripples on water are an example of this type of wave.

  2. Horizontal waves. Sound waves are horizontal. These waves behave very differently from vertical waves. The waves compress and expand as they travel, and can be very fast. Sound does not travel fast because air compresses easily.

Let us do a thought experiment. Imagine a metal rod thousands of kilometers long. This rod is very strong, and the metal is hard. It does not compress easily. If one end of the rod is pushed, the other end will also immediately move. There is no delay between pushing one end and the other end moving. The movement is therefore transferred from one end of the rod to the other faster than the speed of light.

If one end of the metal rod is connected to the coil of a loud speaker, and the other end attached to the body (cone) of another loud speaker, audio signals will be able to travel instantaneously. This is the concept behind quantum / scalar energy.

The true speed of the signal depends on the compression of the “metal rod”. Real-world experiments (by ourselves) have shown that the speed of horizontal EMF (radio) waves is about 1.57 times the speed of light. The “aether” (what surrounds us) is behaving like that metal rod. The speed of light can be exceeded because the signal is transferred by the aether.

Devices which use vertical waves work well. Those that use horizontal waves work brilliantly. Plasma waves are mostly horizontal, and the effectiveness of these are proven through history. But why are horizontal so good?

Plasma is emissive. This means that the signal goes in one direction only. Imagine shining a torch. The light only goes in one direction. It too is emissive. The torch does not “absorb” any light.

Now consider the analogy of pushing a child on a swing. The child is pushed when they reach one end of the swinging cycle. They are never “pulled”. The energy is purely emissive. Over a period of time, the child goes higher and higher. There is no limit to how high the child can swing.

Emissive waves can also make cells vibrate more and more, until they cannot handle the energy. Then they fail. This is precisely how Rife frequencies work, and why plasma can be so devastating for pathogens.

Pure AM SSB copies how horizontal frequencies work. This type of modulation is emissive, and the timing is perfect to push that swing higher and higher.

The new Cancer Advanced (R) – JW preset uses this new modulation method to combine the devastating power of plasma with the convenience of remote.

Authored by: John White





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