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Healing via Frequencies? - A Custom Program for your Spooky2 / Rife Generator

I recently came across an article with the following title:
Mathematical Structure for Electromagnetic Frequencies that May Reflect Pilot Waves of Bohm’s Implicate Order (Read More and download the original article under Attachments)

While I agree that it is quite a mouthful, there was a diagram 7 pages into the article that lists out a series of frequencies that are marked “beneficial” and “detrimental."

If I’m understanding this correctly, the “beneficial frequencies” ought to be frequencies that should help “tune up” your cells, get them vibrating correctly.

I’m listing out the frequencies here so that you can copy & paste them into your Spooky2 software and save them as presets.

432hz is on the beneficial list, unsurprisingly, as I have written about this in my article about listening to music when the note "A" is tuned to 432hz.  

256, 269.7, 288,303.41,324,341.33,362.04,384,404.54,432,455.11,486


These “detrimental” frequencies obviously shouldn’t actually be run on yourself; I’m including them for research purposes; you can do a reverse lookup and see if they potentially match up with any of your other programs.

You can also add the detrimental frequencies to the “blacklist” so that you can’t accidentally run them when using other programs.

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