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Why I bought a Spooky2 System

In my last blog post, I discussed the new doctor that I started seeing for treating my Lyme disease and coinfections. This doctor uses Bioenergetic testing, which I hadn’t seen or experienced before, and the machine itself really intrigued me.

I came home and started researching the technology behind it. The concepts make sense to me. There are nutritionists and other alternative doctors on YouTube showing their machines and how they work. And these people are busy helping patients. Why aren’t these devices ‘legal’ among normal doctors? Why aren’t we studying it more?

I went back to my doctor for a re-test, after my first round of shots. I came to him with a list of similar machines that I found on the internet and asked him more questions.

He told me that the bioenergetic testing machine that he uses is FDA approved and everything they do with it is legitimate. But the government doesn’t allow alternative healing practitioners to “treat” using frequencies.

(This was my actual list: Bob Beck / Rife Machine, Qest4, Spooky2 Generator, BioPulse, VeraDyne SC5,
Asyra, Zyto, BioCharger)

He scanned over my list of machines and said that he’s never heard of the “Spooky” system, that seemed interesting. I went home and continued my research. It turns out that the Spooky2 system is a specific brand of Rife Frequency generator. Royal Rife was a scientist who used frequencies to cure cancer back in the early 1900’s. Why hadn't I heard about this!?

Spooky is mainly volunteer-driven. Its founder, John White, works with a firm in China to produce the actual hardware. They don’t make much money at all on these, and they’re well made. The pricing is just barely above cost. Then, there are volunteers (fellow patients, caregivers, etc) who are using the Spooky presets and reporting back with their findings. Spooky has been out for 4 years now, and they’ve made a few refinements since their original hardware.

Further research led me to a variety of message boards, Facebook groups, and personal interviews with active people in the Lyme community, all saying that Spooky2 was a great tool for treating Lyme. I kept reading and found that people were reporting to use Spooky2 to successfully(?) treat Cancer, Lyme, Morgellon’s, and hundreds of other symptoms & issues.

Spooky can do Biofeedback scanning, too. It’s a little different than the “resistance / capacitance” technology used by the Asyra / Qest4 / Zyto machines. Instead of measuring the body’s response by checking the frequency that comes back through the machine, Spooky has a USB heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate as it sends the frequencies through your body. If / when your heart rate spikes, Spooky records the frequency it was testing, and the heart rate level. After the test, Spooky searches through and finds where your heart rate spiked the highest and gives you the list of frequencies, in order of significance. You can then do a reverse lookup and see what corresponds with each frequency that spiked.


Edit 12/5/2018:
Spooky's new Generator X model measures capacitance and resistence for its biofeedback tool.  It is much faster and more accurate, in my opinion, than the older heart rate model.  

Learn More about the Generator X or buy the essentials kit here.  


The Spooky software lets you create a custom “frequency preset” based on the biofeedback scan results. The thinking is that when your heart rate spikes, that frequency is killing off a bacteria or parasite in your body. So since the scan only applies the frequency for a split second, if you go back later and apply the frequency for a few minutes, it will kill off more of the bug.

It also scans in the reverse direction, meaning it can determine which frequencies make your heart rate go down the most, the relaxing frequencies. You can look up those frequencies and do further research. Or, Spooky documentation says that you can do “entrainment” treatments with the good frequencies. I haven’t tried the yet but intend to, and will post a follow-up article.

When my Spooky2 system arrived, the first thing that I did was run a scan on myself and compare with the doctor I’ve been seeing. The results and findings were scarily similar, Spooky, even. :-)  I just wish that I had tested myself with Spooky at the same time as the doctor did his test, because I’d really have apples and apples to compare. The other thing I wish I could have done would be to do all of my treatments so far (supplements, diet change, vitamin kits, stem cell shots) separately so that I could isolate which was most effective. But, in the interest of feeling better quickly, I threw as much at my Lyme infection as I could.

The nice part is the price difference. The other machines cost $10-15k and the Spooky kits start around $400. Spooky is community-driven, mainly by volunteers who use Spooky on themselves.

I’m going to continue learning about Spooky and start treating myself with the detox programs included in the software. I’m hoping to post back after I’ve had some time working with it to provide further analysis. For now, below are some links so that you can start researching Spooky on your own:

Registration required:


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