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My "Alternative" Lyme Doctor: Diet, Bioenergetic Testing, Stem Cells

Dr. Francis Cinelli, left; Me, right Dr. Francis Cinelli, left; Me, right

(This is a follow-up to My Story: How I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease)

I had certainly heard of Lyme disease before I was diagnosed with it. In fact, was tested for it 5 or 10 years ago, the test came back positive, and they put me on Doxycycline. (Surprise!)

There are several guys in my town that told me they see an alternative medicine doctor around 40 minutes away. After doing lots of research, and learning the “main stream” doctors prescribe Lyme patients LOTS of antibiotics (months at a time, sometimes by IV)... and after my initial experience with 3 months of Doxycycline, I decided I wanted to stay as far away from that as possible. The 3 weeks of Doxycycline made my body hemorrhage to the point where I almost threw up.  It ruined my appetite.  And I'm one of the lucky ones.  

On the bright side, it was during the Doxycycline medication period that I quit drinking alcohol and coffee.

I'm sharing the following story, thoughts, and follow-up in the hopes that it can help someone else going through similar symptoms.  I feel your pain, and know that there are solutions.  

The New Doctor

Fortunately, I knew enough about the new doctor’s process to make sure that I was also getting a ‘stealth test’ and ‘organ reserve test’ (non-invasive, bioenergetic tests) along with the initial appointment. It turned out that the bioenergetic testing is done in one building, and the results are sent along to the other building where the osteopathic doctor operates. So my first visit consisted of both bioenergetic tests, a visit with Dr. Frank Sr., a new diet, a targeted supplement kit, and my first stem cell shot.

Bioenergetic Testing

(testing machines include B.E.S.T., Asyra, ZYTO, etc)

At first, I was skeptical of the new bioenergetic testing method that they were using on me. It was hooked up to an old Windows 95 laptop computer, with a bunch of wires and another machine… they give you a brass tube to hold in your left hand, and they poke your right hand with the other wire. Your body completes the circuit, but you don’t actually feel anything. The machine is sending frequencies into your right hand and checking the capacitance / resistance via the wire in your left hand.  

For the “organ reserve” test, the concept is that your body is mostly made of water. And each ‘meridian’ in your body operates at a specific frequency. For example, your stomach meridian is 432hz. The machine sends 432hz through your body, and the frequency travels through your stomach meridian, since that’s the corresponding meridian. If your stomach is 100% healthy then the frequency will come back close to 432hz. If your stomach is calcifying - drying up - shriveling - then the frequency will be lower.

For the “stealth” test, the concept is that every pathogen (worm, bug) also has its own frequency. (Look up “Rife Frequencies” or “CAFL Frequencies” for more information). Let’s say that the machine is testing for “bug" X that corresponds to the YYY frequency. It will send YYY frequency through your body and determine a response. If your body has that “bug” in it already, then your body won’t respond, because it’s not experiencing a new sensation from the machine. If your body does not have that “bug” yet, then the body will start an auto-immune reaction, and the machine will pick up on this by measuring the capacitance / resistance.

Sadly, bioenergetic testing is not officially allowed in the US, and it’s certainly not covered by insurance. Cash only. But well worth it, in my opinion.

For me, the test results provided us with a great action plan for improving my health. I went in thinking that they would tell me that I’m perfectly healthy and go home. Not quite. The organ test showed that my adrenal glands and gut were in need of most repair. So we started there. And the stealth test gave us a list of what bugs were inside me, and which ones were screaming the loudest, so that we could approach them in the correct order.

The Diet

Lyme disease is like a cancer. It feeds on sugars, gluten, processed foods, and other undesirables. The doctor put me on an anti-inflammation diet. I’ve lost 20 pounds in the first 2 months on this diet, and I feel great. I weighed around 175-180 lbs when I started and the last week or so I’ve been hovering around 155-160 lbs.

Here are some (crappy) before & after pics so that you can see the difference:


Herbal Supplement Kits

Each “bug” on the stealth test has a corresponding “vitamin kit” from a place called Monestary of Herbs. The kits are all natural, no antibiotics, using vitamins and various other plant based compounds (bark from a particular tree, etc). Each kit lasts around 3 weeks and targets the intended bug. So far I’ve gone through 4 kits and they seem to be working well. Each bug that gets killed off is like another layer coming off of me and I continue to improve.

Stem Cell Shots

Human stem cells are banned in the United States. That’s why you hear about people going over to Europe and down to Mexico for treatment. I happened to find a doc who offers embryonic (stem) cells from a pig. We’ve been using pig and cow parts for transplants for a long while now, and it turns out that the stem cells “take” just fine as well. I’ve had over 10 of these shots so far, and I’m not sure which is most effective - the diet / supplements / kits, or the stem cells. The shots give me tons of energy, so much in fact that I have to be careful not to come home and do hours upon hours of manual labor. It seems like the shots do a better job if you’re able to relax a little bit and let your body “do its thing” with the new cells.

At first, I was hesitant to go with stem cell treatment. It sort of has an icky vibe to it if you talk about it publicly. But after researching and finding that Lyme disease was developed in a government bio-weapons lab, I figure any “controversy” in me using stem cell treatment is counter-balanced by the fact that Lyme is not a natural pathogen.  


It’s somewhat humorous to think that when I found the chiropractor a year or two ago, I thought that when my disc popped back into place, I was at 100%. Now that I’ve gone through a few months of this post-Lyme-diagnosis-treatment, I was really at 50 or 60%. 

My next post is going to include a closer look at the “bioenergetic testing” technology.



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