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My Story: How I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in July 2017.  I’ve generally been a healthy person, or so I thought, I weighed around 180 pounds which isn’t bad for someone 6 feet tall.  I have backyard chickens so that I have fresh, high quality eggs since 2015.  I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for almost 2 years.  Finally got my disk back into place in early 2016, for reference.  So I thought I was doing great. 


I'm sharing the following story, thoughts, and follow-up in the hopes that it can help someone else going through similar symptoms.  I feel your pain, and know that there are solutions.  

June 2017 

One night… I suddenly wasn’t able to finish my dinner.  While my wife sat there, shocked, I had to go lay down.  For the next day or three, I was generally fatigued, napping and drinking lots of water, wandering around the house like a zombie.  I started chasing knots up and down each arm by massaging my wrists, elbows, triceps, neck, shoulders… the pain was switching sides.  

It felt like I had meningitis, but no actual lab work to prove it.  (Luckily so, because if I had gone to the hospital, who knows what types of IV antibiotics they would have given me.)  My head was swollen, veins popping out of my temples.  My neck and shoulders were aching and on fire.  My wife wanted to take me to the hospital after we took my temperature and it was 102 degrees F.  I assured her that my body was just fighting something off and if the fever climbed over 102, I’d go.  As the fever subsided, my right hamstring (weak side) and stomach muscle realigned.  Very relaxing.  For about half an hour, I was able to breathe more easily than ever.  I felt my intestines rearrange.  My jaw clicked forward and my bite changed, like my teeth aligned better afterwards.  I even felt muscles seem to “flip over” on top of my head.  My body was shifting and contorting.  

A few days later and I felt somewhat normal again.  I told myself that the hamstring and everything were just a “chiropractic episode” - a major realignment taking place, and that I had nothing to worry about.  

July 2017

A month later, I started developing a rash on my torso.  It started in small red splotches, maybe an inch or two across.  A few days later they had grown to the size of footballs and some were merging.  I showed my chiropractor the rash and he ordered blood work.  pdfI turned out to be CDC positive for Lyme, which is rare, because blood testing for lyme is horribly inaccurate, and many people show symptoms and are never able to produce a positive test.   

By the time I found out the test results, I felt like I was out of the woods.  Most of the major symptoms had subsided, the fire was out.  I went to the local urgent care to get antibiotics for the Lyme.  I did the ‘normal’ route of Doxycycline for 3 weeks.  

August 2017

My dog happened to test positive for anaplasmosis around the same time that I did, so he did a 2 week course of Doxycycline less than a week after I was done mine.  By this point, I had given myself, and the dog, a yeast overgrowth… this in addition to the ailments that the antibiotics were supposed to address.  Now I'm learning that Lyme disease is a chronic illness.  And you cannot cure a chronic illness with antibiotics.  

September 2017

I started taking supplements based on suggestions from a popular Lyme disease doctor, Dr. Burrascano.  These are basic, regular vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron.  I event put together a Lyme Disease Treatment Guide for my local community website.  

My next post will discuss the new “alternative” doctor that I found, and started seeing September 2017.  I’ve been seeing him for over 3 months now and the results are remarkable.  



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