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More severe than Lyme? Harald Kautz-Vella on Morgellons

Patented: US 6245531 B1
polynucleotide encoding insect ecdysone receptor 

Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart. 

Notes from watching the video:

Morgellons is Fungal

“fruiting body”


(like a mushroom)

Spores - contained in protective coating, into stomach, then new life cycle

Fungi absorb heavy metals

Umbilical cord - connects to main body / others

one eye

blob shape w/ hip

reproductive organs similar to spider anatomy

Infects blood bones tissues organs brain

In human females, fruiting bodies are ‘aborted’ along with menstrual cycle

Human body 'encourages' fungal growth if acidic or heavy metal poisoning

Solution: detox

Human own DNA less of a role than all other microbes’ DNA

Lack of:


Vitamin B6 B12

Results in: liver malfunction

Candida (especially with antibiotics)

Radiation from:


Cell towers

Smart meters

Radiation risk

Borrellia triggered by radiation - multiplies in response

Lyme disease boils

Body’s solution: need morgellon’s to store toxins to ride out remaining years

Body’s detoxification methods in order:



Skin - dermatitis, hay fever

Andreas Movitz liver cleanse

“scary part”

When morgellon’s are killed off,

Absorbs or creates plastic, or silica body

Immune system cannot dissolve silicon / silica

(Not properly dissolved)

Naturally white, but they absorb blue or red dyes while living

Havard study C Hill June 24, 2013

Studied rain drops in nano lab

Found chemical formulas of dyes and materials


Human + Machine / Computer

(despite wording, machines dominate human)

Quantum Dots research - bell labs

"Quantum dot dies” - pollutants

Creates hollow

“Govt” ABUSE:

Spray from airplanes, into drinking waters - able to control via…

Barium strontium titanate - glows when close to fiber - visible under microscope (remote control)

“smart dust” - sends “signal” of pain into bodies - remote torture

Violation of nuremberg treaty - experimenting without consent

Individual or collective control

Fibers - Colors

Red = sexuality instinct

Blue = mental body

Bell Labs - started the whole thing

Mitra - make things for intelligence community, DHS

Patients feel harassed by chem trails

Pain in body

Beyond physical:

'Delusional Parasitosis'

Feeling of crawling insects under skin, inside brain

This symptom is ONLY experienced by morgellon disease

Not on material / physical plane

Alien black goo

Caused patient’s crawling sensation 100x

One class of fungi have ability to host secondary genetic cluster

  • With fungus, DNA floats freely instead of being contained in cells


Mold in intestines + broccoli for dinner = slime mold fruiting body next day looks like broccoli

Fungus + bacteria inside / attached / smuggled inside

Identified in morgellon patients

“Demon” - light body - artificial soul - secondary biophotons carried in secondary cluster, then fruiting body dies -

Some patients can ‘see’ them

Autistic children carrying rope? worms / rope walls

When morgellons come down from sky they are not quite yet biological

Able to assemble species’ DNA

80% human genetics on board

Intelligent - like a soul

Patient imagery - Snake / fruit fly / human / spider

Matrix Movie - alternate reality

Freemason God - spider

Black magic realm

Morgellon disease purpose: give birth to spider demons

Live in astral realm

Get stuck to body - connected to human DNA

Can live as energy vampires - influencing and living off human host

Aluminum foil material growing out of skin - only found in morgellon patients - clairvoyant healer in germany was given sample, extremely old substance - 500 million year old technology

Related to black goo - lubricates worm hole transit - jump from physical to astral plane

Alien / Meteorite black goo - 25,000 years ago

End of Antantis - drowned in ocean

Theory - Meteorite shower - encapsulating black oil stone - telepathic stone - consciousness

Turned evil and started blood & sacrifice cults (Women priests used to be in control, Men took over)

When death is not enough, torture

Energy tied into production of Morgellons

Alien collective spirit - attacks planets (capture suffering people, bring to other planets)

Ash myth = pheonix in Egypt

Turns humans into bio robots

Once accomplished: human soul is outside body, no access, but no real entity installed either

History of Chemtrailing / Transhumansim Business

British Crown + Rothchilds = triggered WW1

Earth black goo - quantum intelligence of planet

Loving, Mother earth

90% of patients who begged for a cure didn’t show up for appointment

Reason: disease controls mind, meddles in your business

Solution: more heart related - chakra -

Victim role - mind & instinct chakras - victim perpetrator savior (drama triangle) games keeps emotional body occupied

Typical victim / patient:

Big long story

Solution is easy: stop eating crap

“Yes, but…”

Solution can be entirely solved by diet

Spiritual / energy healing helps too - supplements


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