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I ran CAFL frequencies for Abdominal inflammation, Inflammation General and Intestines Inflammation using H-bomb square waves and the boost cable.

Please try Liver & Kidney sets, along with Detox on a different M/c.

Hemorrhoids (CAFL)

Hemorrhoids 1 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids 2 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids 3 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids 4 (XTRA)

Hemorrhoids Piles (XTRA)

\Shell (Empty) Presets\Remote\Healing (R) - JW

You could try also:

Circulatory stasis CAFL

Circulation Stimulate Normalized XTRA (this is Bruce Stenulson's)

Varicose veins ETDFL

Varicoses 1 CAFL

Varicoses 2 CAFL

A friend of mine reported improvement when using these freqs:


The recommended setting for tens pad placement is one pole to two tenspads located at the very beginning of the legs (near the problem area), and the other pole to a tens pad located over the belly (a little below it).


Also consider sets for circulation and varicose veins as that is what a hemorrhoid is.

Fruit acids in the diet could aggrivate the Hemis, if there is pain/inflammation. Colloidal silver cream is very useful to maintain low inflammation.

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