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Product Review: Berkey Water Filter

We mounted some small shelf brackets and piece of 3/4" thick wood to the wall in our kitchen. We mounted some small shelf brackets and piece of 3/4" thick wood to the wall in our kitchen.

We have been using our Royal Berkey Water Filter for 10 months now, and I wanted to post some quick feedback.

Where we live, most of our neighbors have well water.  Our place is one of the "lucky few" to have city water.  So, when people used to come over and drink our tap water, they usually made "that face."  They tasted the chlorine right away.

Now that we've got our Berkey mounted to the wall in our kitchen / eating area, things have changed.  For one, I personally drink a LOT more water.  I used to only drink water "in my coffee" but now I drink just plain water.  I'm a water snob, now.  When we leave, we always fill up a Nalgene bottle with our filtered Berkey water.  And for drinking things like lemonade or iced tea, I hardly drink it straight anymore; it's usually at least half-diluted with Berkey water.  

One of the things that inspired us to purchase the filter to begin with is this excellent video-review:

And, after owning the Berkey Water Filter and using it for probably hundreds of gallons of water, I agree with the folks that created the above video: it's an awesome product.  


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