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Morgellon Zapping

If I were you, I’d use the Clark zapper frequencies in these three ways:

1) Remote mode Clark 2.5KHz Zapper Remote program, run within the Kill or Heal ( R ) - DH preset.

2) PEMF Coil (applied to your head): Clark 30KHz Zapper Contact program, run within the Spooky Coil (XM Direct) – JW preset, butwith Out 1 Offset set to 100 and Out 2 Offset set to **-**100.

Make sure the BN side of PEMF Coil faces you.

3) TENS pads (on the top and bottom of your spine): Clark 30KHz Zapper Contact program, run within the Healing ( C ) - JW preset, but with Out 1 Offset set to 100 and Out 2 Offset set to **-**100.

Note that the Clark Zapper frequencies are 7 mins on, 20 mins off, run three times.

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