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Improve Eyesight

There is a preset under Heal \ Remote called "Eyesight To Improve (R) - JK"

It includes the following programs:

Eyesight to Improve (XTRA)

Vision Acuity (CAFL)

Floaters (KHZ)

Retinal Detachment (KHZ)

I would also add in the following:

Regeneration and Healing 1

Regeneration and Healing

Regeneration and Healing

Tissue Healing and Regeneration

I would also investigate supplemental nutrients for the eye.


(Recipe 2)

I have run "Eyesight To Improve (R) - JK" (Heal\Remote Preset) and found it helpful, but being a tinkering guy I supplemented that preset with some more programs. Within a short time I felt benefit of my custom set having a clearer, sharper vision and my eyes do not tire as easily as before by watching the tiny display on my mobile phone.

Details of my custom set:

XM generator with Spooky Booster + v1.1 Remote

Eye help (Cust)

Healing Shell (R) – JW


Refractive Errors (ETDF)

Astigmatism (ETDF)

Diplopia (ETDF)

Vision Acuity (CAFL)

Vision Disorders (ETDF)

Vision Poor (CAFL)

Hyperopia (ETDF)

Cataract (ETDF)

Optic Nerve Diseases (KHZ)

Macular Degeneration Visual Acuity (XTRA)

Eye Floaters (XTRA)

Floaters (ETDF)

Total Run Time: 6:00 (runs continuously). It has been running now 138 hours.

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