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“Dirt Rich” Community Composting Program

We are working with a handful of neighbors to get a small-scale community composting program started.  The following text is copied from a Word Document that you can download below as an attachment. We encourage everyone to participate in a community program like this, at some level.  Even if you're not gardening at home, you are still producing food scraps! 

“Dirt Rich” Community Composting Program

Drop Off Location:

Community composters are individuals, businesses, and families who share a passion for making and using compost to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint.  

Projects or groups range in scale from individuals working within schools or families promoting home composting, to community supported agriculture schemes, to social enterprises with Local Authority contracts providing curbside collection services, with lots more variety in-between.

We can be leaders in the community by managing the organic waste we produce instead of filling landfills with a renewable resource: rich dirt!  

Community Composting has many environmental and social benefits:

  • Reduction of waste going to landfill or incineration
  • Training, possible employment, educational and volunteering opportunities
  • Improve soil health and conservation and carbon sequestration
  • Utilizing the proximity principle to convert 'waste' problem into a locally available resource

Getting Started:
Keep a separate trash can, bucket, or suitable container for food scraps.  (If you use a brown paper bag, you can toss the whole bag into the compost drop-off container).  

Fruit and vegetable scraps
Pasta, bread, cereal
Coffee grounds, filters, & tea bags
Paper towels and paper towel rolls
Muffin wrappers
Dairy products
Meat (bones & trimmings)
Plant material (grass, leaves, weeds)
Wood chips
Paper plates, bags
Egg shells
Household plants
Shellfish, fish products

*Please add provided sawdust / shavings on top to control bugs / odor.  Thank you!    

Plastic of any kind
Metal of any kind, including foil
Cigarette butts
Baby wipes, diapers
Pet waste
Dryer lint sheets
Vacuum cleaner bags
Hair, pet fur
Dead animals
Fireplace or BBQ ashes
Pet food

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