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Smart Meters: For the record...

For the record, in 2018, the power company sent out multiple technicians to try and replace our smart meter.  I turned them away each time.  Only until they sent me this letter THREATENING TO DISCONNECT OUR POWER did we finally agree to let them install a new meter.  


First, smart meters are a blatant violation of consumer / household privacy.

Second, the analog meters work just fine. 

Many are suspicious of 5G technology being able to spread harmful frequencies.  I'll save the tin-foil-hat discussion for another time.  

Regardless, here you go:

Here's a PDF of the pdfletter that my electric company sent me as proof!  




Update 4/13/20
Here's what our monthly electric bills have looked like over the last decade:

PPL History Smart Meter Graph

Notice anything?


Edit: 3/24/22






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