Friday, 05 December 2014 17:03

Why I Switched to Prepaid Cell Phone Service

I recently switched my cell phone plan over to a prepaid plan after learning that standard cell phone contracts in the US (post-paid) are extremely common, while in Europe, prepaid plans dominate.  

I did some math to find out why all the fuss...

Postpaid plan for 2 iPhones: $170/month
Prepaid plan for 2 iPhones: $98/month
Savings: $72/month

Frankly, the math was quite simple.

I decided to go with Verizon's Prepaid service, mainly because our existing phones were iPhone 5's, Verizon flavor.  So instead of buying new phones, we just bought the SIM card kits.  If I was also looking to buy a phone I would also consider the other prepaid services available (StraightTalk, Cricket, Boost Mobile, TracFone, T-Mobile, Virgin).

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