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Product Review: EverStart Maxx 12v Battery (WalMart)

Product Review: EverStart Maxx 12v Battery (WalMart)

Do not purchase these batteries.  I bought my truck in 2014 and it had EverStart Maxx batteries in it that indicated a 10/2013 purchase date.  I assumed these batteries would be good for quite some time since they come with a 5 year warranty.

It turns out that my batteries were originally purchased in 2010, which is why WalMart was unable (unwilling) to replace them under warranty.  The warranty is only good for the original purchase.  I am fine with this part.  I wound up purchasing new batteries from NAPA, since everything WalMart sells tends to be junk, and they don't stand behind their products.

The problem is this: their EverStart Maxx battery has a 5 year warranty.  It's printed directly on the battery itself.  It should be fair to say that the battery is expected to last for 5 years. 

However, these batteries have repeatedly shown that they are only good for 2-3 years (the first set lasted from 2010-2013; the second set lasted 2013-2015).  You've been warned!

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  • Comment Link Skip Thursday, 30 November 2017 23:37 posted by Skip

    amazing that you would complain about something that you didnt even purchase. For the original purchaser the price of 1 battery lasted from 2010 - 2015 thats pretty good for the cost of 1 battery.

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