Tuesday, 24 March 2020 16:42

Discontinuing the use of Facebook

I've been "off facebook" for a long time now, but I stumbled across a well-written explanation as to WHY people are leaving.  Wanted to share:

Starting on November 19, 2019, we are discontinuing the use of Facebook. Here's why we are taking this step.

Back in 2011, Facebook was innovative, exciting and interesting. It was fun to organize and maintain a Facebook community around the web site. However, things changed over the years. Due to very strict rules about who sees our content, nobody can reliably predict what will be delivered to our page's subscribers and when.

Also, Facebook's user interface has been completely ruined and become slower, unfriendly and more hostile to control. It is literally unusable. All its useful options and tools are buried under tons of tabs, JavaScript drop-downs, which are hard to discover. Facebook is the slowest loading, most sluggish, heaviest web site from all the web sites I use. It takes enormous amount of system resources just to publish an update. Posting news there takes too much of my precious time.

Their overzealous security measures which only add to the annoyances are worth mentioning. Every time I sign-in using a cellular connection, Facebook locks me out and unpublishes my updates, citing suspicious location/login behavior. It takes a lot of effort from my side to prove that it was indeed me who logged on using a different device. The unpublished content remains inaccessible to its intended audience. This is highly infuriating.

Facebook today has draconian behavior towards content publishers. They have invented ridiculous content publishing rules, which are ambiguous and vague. Despite publishing only links to our own website on our own Facebook page, they repeatedly warn us of some unknown policy violations and despite asking them repeatedly what these were exactly, Facebook will not reveal anything.

More recently, we faced some unacceptable behavior from Facebook. For some unspecified reason they directly suspended our page. Starting in October 2019, they were giving warnings without being specific about anything but vaguely stating community rules violation. I am aware of their rules, and have also checked them once again for any revised policies. Winaero has done nothing to violate them. What's worse is that Facebook's support is refusing to reveal what exactly is being violated.

I find this extremely disrespectful to the page owner. Imagine if I started spontaneously banning everyone who comments on my website or reports bugs in my apps even if they may not be accurate or reproducible. Our audience would find it rude and unacceptable. Facebook's behavior is the same.

In my opinion, Facebook has become a waste of time for no good reason. The value they had was because of their wide reach, not because they were unique in any way for publishing content. So Winaero will no longer post at Facebook; it's best to ditch them for good considering their overall behavior and personal privacy violations from the company. I am removing the business page from there, along with my personal user profile.

I hope my point is clear and understandable.

  • “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

    ― Benjamin Franklin

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