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Is there a way to kill the bacteria/biofilms inside teeth?

  1. Root canals are insidious destroyers of health, and must ultimately be (safely!) removed. Sure sure, there are all kinds of ways to reduce or eliminate infection temporarily. But it's a dead body part, sealed into a cavity, and the infection & inflammation will always return. It will always cause problems; our body will always try to expel or neutralize dead tissue (and spend mega energy/resources trying to fight the infection. Which is affecting the organ/meridian on which the infection is associated).

  2. You need to scour database and scan everything associated with gum and dental to find your relevant frequencies.Here are some to work on: (it's still work in progress!)

Granuloma DentBone Disease and Periodontal (XTRA)Bone Disease Periodontal Disease (CAFL)Dental 1 (XTRA)Dental 2 (XTRA)Dental and Jawbone Infections 1 (XTRA)Dental and Jawbone Infections 2 (XTRA)Dental Foci 1 (XTRA)Dental Foci 2 (XTRA)Dental Foci (CAFL)Dental General (CAFL)Dental General (XTRA)Dental Infection 1 (CAFL)Dental Infection 2 (CAFL)Dental Infection 3 (XTRA)Dental Infection 4 (XTRA)Dental Infection Roots and Gums (XTRA)Dental Infection (CAFL)Dental Infection (XTRA)Dental Infections Virus (CAFL)Dental (BIO)Gingivitis 1 (XTRA)Gingivitis (CAFL)Gingivitis (KHZ)Paradontosis (BIO)Paradontosis (VEGA)Periodontal Disease (CAFL)Periodontal Disease (XTRA)Periodontal Diseases (KHZ)Porphyromonas Gingivalis (CUST)Pyorrhea (CAFL)Streptococcus Viridans (CAFL)Treponema Denticola (CUST)Pyorrhea (CAFL)Paradontosis (BIO)Paradontosis (VEGA)Cementoma (KHZ)Entamoeba Gingivalis Trophozoite (HC)Entamoeba Gingivalis Trophozoites (XTRA)Enterococcus Faecalis (CUST)Fistula Dentalis 1 (XTRA)Fistula Dentalis (BIO)Fistula Dentalis (CAFL)Fusobacterium-Periodontitis (CUST)Fusobacterium Infections (XTRA)Fusobacterium Infections (KHZ)mycoplasma salivarium

For more details, please check the link:

  1. Since we know none of your detailed histories, we are not in the position to advise on whether your tooth should come or go. Your dental professional will be better on that. There is much found on Google about implants. What I can tell you is we have dental presets as well as sets for infections. You can make colloidal silver as a mouth rinse with Spooky2.

For more details, please check the link:

Last week, I had a tooth extracted and a bone graft at the site of the extraction. After suturing the wound, I was given scripts for an antibiotic and a pain killer. The dentist suggested that stay home the next day and "lay low". While still numb, I went home and immediately ran the following programs: Tooth Extraction Follow up, Acute Pain, Analgesic, Analgesic Pain, Pain Control, Pain General, and Pain Relief. I used the plasma tube and ultrasonic wand. Hours later, not knowing what to expect, I took 1 pain killer before going to sleep. I slept for 10 hours. Upon waking, I ran the same frequency sets and then again 4 hours later. By day's end, I noticed that I had NO pain from the surgery. I never took another pain killer.

Thanks for the report. I would have also run Detox Anesthetic 2 (XTRA)

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