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Here are some ideas of things you can try:

Edema 1 (CAFL) Edema 2 (CAFL) Edema and Swelling (CAFL) Edema Swelling (CAFL) Edema (ETDF)

Swelling Edema 2 (XTRA) Swelling Legs & Feet (XTRA) Swelling (CAFL) Swelling (XTRA)

Kidney Insufficiency

Detox and Lymphs (CAFL) Detox and Lymphs (XTRA) Detox Lymphs (XTRA)

Lymph Drain Circulation (XTRA) Lymph Function Stimulate Normal (XTRA) Lymph Stasis (CAFL) Lymph Support (CAFL) Lymphangitis (CAFL)

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