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Thoughts on "Acute Flaccid Myelitis"

I've been reading about this "acute flaccid myelitis" and wanted to share some basic information that the media is omitting from their articles:

The official name for "Polio" is "poliomyelitis" and the names seem to have a striking similarity.  Both polio and AFM can result in paralysis and death. Acute means severe, and myelitis basically means that your myelin sheath (the neuro-fabric that surrounds your nerves) is inflamed.  Flaccid means that the nerve has now become limp and no longer passes a signal. It reminds me of the meningitis attack that I had along with my Lyme disease.  Similarly, meninges line your skull, brain and spinal column. Your myelin sheath, when it is intact and healthy, flowing energy properly - like electricity, protects your nerves and facilitiates communication throughout your body.  Your blood is able to properly circulate and deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the entire body.

Polio by any other name: still polio? 
Could it be that polio has mutated into AFM?  Is the polio vaccine ineffective?  Is it caused by environmental toxins or something else?  Something tells me that we won't be hearing any of these headlines in the news because there is too much money behind the vaccine industry and medical establishment.  

My thinking is that regardless of what causes your nervous system to become inflammed - whether it be called AFM, polio, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia - the best solution is a healthy diet, supplementing essential vitamins and minerals, rest, meditation, positive thoughts, laughter, and the like.  Inflammation, if left unchecked, can turn into cancer and other diseases illnesses.  And you can get rid of inflammation in your body if take good care of it.  

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