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Tuning your Body to the Earth's Frequency: 9.6hz

This article is potentially helpful for RIFE / Spooky2 generator owners who are researching potential uses for the PEMF accessory.  It seems positive results would come from simply running 432hz and 528hz through the PEMF coil.  

As it turns out the A-musical note was tuned to 432 Hz back 5000 years ago in India and Egypt and through the days of Brahms and Mozart, and in then in 1938 the Illuminati, through collaboration between the Rockefeller Foundation and Nazi Germany, achieved world-wide acceptance of musical A-note re(de)-tuned to 440 Hz. Evidently, it was their intention to remove the healing – soothing effect of music sung or played when tuned at 432 Hz.

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You’ll see that throughout the 1800’s and 1900’s, they debated between 440, 430, 420, 450… it seems that the ancient Egyptians new about 432hz so I’m not sure why this even really came up for discussion.  

The ideal solution would be to create instruments that are tuned to 432hz instead of 440hz.  However, that would involve replacing a LOT of them… woodwinds and brass instruments would be the most complicated to re-tune.  If I understand it correctly string instruments (including pianos and guitars) could be switched over to 432hz by simply loosening / tightening the strings.   

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