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Cannabis / Medicinal Marijuana: A double-edged sword?

In D.A.R.E. class, they taught us that cannabis is categorized as a stimulant, depressant, AND hallucinogen.  It slows down your breathing by relaxing your body.  

Unlike alcohol, which can only be used only two ways (recreationally or abusively), cannabis can also be used medicinally... to enhance the mind-body connection and allow you to go into a meditative state.  When you are in a meditative state, your mind is able to “talk” to your body.  That’s when you are able to increase blood flow to the areas of your body that require extra energy.  

My theory is that marijuana slows down your body and speeds up your mind.  This produces a bit of heat in your head and if you focus on maintaining your respiratory rate, you can dissipate the heat with your increased blood flow.  It's like a radiator in your car, your body circulates blood to your skin to cool down.  

If you aren’t able to control your respiratory rate, your body will suffer negative long term effects from continued use.  These negative consequences may present themselves in a multitude of ways, each person different.  It seems that most research will indicate that lung cancer will not be a consideration.  

Which Strain?

It matters which “strain” of cannabis you’re using.  There are sativas, indicas, and hybrids of the two.  Sativas are generally your morning strain - they produce a “head” high and tend to make people chatty.  You can remember what indicas do because it sounds like “in da couch” - they are better for night-time.  

Eating vs. Smoking

Many prefer “edibles” because they are easier on the lungs and perform like pharmaceutical opiates.  They make your stomach feel warm and radiates through your whole body.  Smoking tends to primarily affect your mind.  If you combine edibles with smoking, the effects multiply, and unlike with liquor, too much won’t land you in the hospital getting your stomach pumped.  

What about CBD Oil?

CBD is the ‘healing’ component of cannabis that doesn’t provide the intoxicating effects of THC.  Many prefer THC along with the CBD because it provides a subtle ‘relaxing’ effect - not as powerful as alcohol - but a small euphoric feeling.  My opinion is that CBD does help heal your body, but the ‘whole plant’ provides the most effective results.  

I’ve heard of people who use large doses of THC (as a replacement for opiate pain killers) who take additional CBD to help reduce the ‘high’ feeling.  This allows the patient to use THC when they wake up and still be able to function at work. 

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