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Taxpayers and Employers Beware: Fraud in the PA state Unemployment System

My wife and I have been running a house cleaning company for a few years now, we've got around half a dozen part time employees as of the time of this writing. In the last year we've had several employees file, or attempt to file, for unemployment benefits... with mixed results. The purpose of this article is to share some firsthand experience of our dealings with the PA Unemployment System.

From an employer's perspective:

One claimed to have vehicle issues (in May 2020) so I offered them a company car, the employee declined. Then a rental, also declined. They proceeded to not call us for 3 days, so we sent a message saying that we no longer needed their services and that since we offered a rental car, we considered them to have tendered their resignation. After challenging their filing, the employee appealed it and the state ruled in their favor!

Another employee worked for one day (in August 2019) and quit, filed, and has been getting paid $175 per week out of our Unemployment Compensation account now for months... thousands of dollars! I challenged this filing in writing back in September 2020 and haven't heard back yet.

Per state law, a person needs to work for 18 weeks during a base year, and earn at least $116 per week in order to qualify for unemployment. I still haven't heard back from anyone at the Unemployment office about this specific issue and I will update this blog post if / when I do.

It's a pain to keep up with all of this unemployment paperwork but I feel like keeping the taxpayer's dollars from being handed out so easily is the right thing to do.

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