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Connection between Kidney Stones & Parasites?

I had someone reach out to me for help with learning their Spooky2 software and asked me if I had ever heard of treating parasites with Turpentine. 

A few days later I found some notes on Terpentine and forwarded it to them, and wanted to re-post it for everyone to review. I had this in an old note about parasites. It was actually a note about kidney stones and calcification but it mentioned that your body can encapsulate parasites:

2 possible causes:

  1. Your body has a PH imbalance.  
    7.35-7.4 ideal range
    Your body will do anything to maintain
    Takes calcium / minerals from bones and forms stones
    Important:  Your Urine PH doesn’t reflect blood PH, it reflects changes your body makes to maintain a proper blood PH
  1. Your body is fighting off parasites by encpasulating them - calcification
    Possible solutions:
    Organic Diet


What if you're 'backed up'?

I hate to say it but I would try an enema first (perhaps multiple, run enemas until they start coming back 'clear')

Once you do that perhaps the Terpentine would be helpful, or... Sulfur is supposed to break down the calcium-carbon bond (e.g. help your body get rid of scar tissue)

Here's that video from Clive De Carle:


And here's the sulfur that I bought and used personally.

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