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COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card

(Disclaimer: For Entertainment / Educational Purposes Only)

Printing Instructions:

On any normal home printer, print pages 3-4 front to back, flip on short edge. The paper on which these cards are printed varies, but any mid-weight cardstock would be best.

Also, remember that most modern printers leave a trail of yellow dots on whatever is printed (to allow counterfeiters to be found easily); for more information on this, search online. Analysis of these cards indicates that most people use black ballpoint pens to fill out the information. Some hospitals use rubber stamps for the “Clinic Site” column, so we will be providing a few stamp templates when we receive them. Otherwise, hand-writing a healthcare professional or office in that column would be the best bet.

For examples of data that can pass minor scrutiny, see page two of this document. Remember, this paperwork will not stand up to digital scrutiny; this is only going to allow you to get through a police/military checkpoint at most. If and when a digital “passport” system becomes available, we will be reverse engineering that as well and you will easily be able to find it in the same way that you found this document. Also keep in mind that there WILL be minor edits and changes that make this document outdated, so keep checking back for future updates.

This first version is meant to be a stopgap emergency solution for people who may be forced to have this documentation simply to survive.

Why are we providing this documentation?

We simply believe that no American should be prevented from working, from getting food, from getting access to their own property, or from visiting their loved ones. Period. We are not associated with any political, social, economic, or governmental group, nor do we have any political message.

Version 1 – 02DEC2020

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