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Product Review: PFERD Chain Sharp®

Product Review: PFERD Chain Sharp®

There are a lot of DC and AC-powered saw sharpeners available, and they seem nice, but I didn't want to buy one.  Mainly because I can bring a chain into the local shop and they will sharpen it for about $6.  And for $6, you walk out with a chain that is "like new."  However, they can only sharpen a chain 5 times using their big machine before there is no more teeth remaining.  I wanted a sharpening solution that would accomplish a few things:

  • It must work without electricity.  I don't want to bring a battery, inverter, or need to stand near my truck in order to sharpen my chain. 
  • It must be simple to operate.  I am not a professional lumberjack and never intend to be. 

I started out purchasing a standard round 7/32" file and tried sharpening by hand.  It seemed to work okay, they certainly didn't get any duller.  I sharpened the chain half a dozen times myself, then proceeded to bring everything into the local shop for evaluation.  He pointed out that my filing was wearing down the teeth because I was pushing down while filing.  Then, he brought out this PFERD CHAIN SHARP® tool and gave a quick demonstration. 

The nice part about this file is it prevents you from pushing down while filing.  It actually has two files on it - one the standard round file that goes inside the chain's tooth, and a flat file that files down the top of the tooth.  I love it!  It's much easier to use, it's quiet (no motors like an electric-powered sharpener), and I'll be able to sharpen my own chains a number of times without bringing them back to the saw shop.


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